The Municipality of Belison was pronounced as the 18th municipality of the Province of Antique on March 10, 1961, and by virtue of Presidential Executive Order No. 421 – signed by President Carlos P. Garcia. The smallest and the youngest municipality of the province composed of 11 barangays, namely: Buenavista, Maradiona, Borocboroc, Delima, Ipil, Poblacion, Sinaja, Salvacion, Concepcion, Mojon and Rombang. The municipality is bounded on the east by the municipality of San Remigio and southeast by the municipality of Sibalom, on the south by the municipality of San Jose de Buenavista, on the north by the municipality of Patnongon, and on the west by Sulu Sea (Cuyo East Pass). Geographically, Belison is located at 10°50′17.4”N 121°57′33.3”E. Belison is a coastal municipality with a total land area of 1,978.3092 hectares in which based in slope 1,649.3042 has. or 83.37% is considered as lowland or with relatively flat to undulating slope and 329 has. or 16.63% is considered upland. The national road crosses this municipality, somewhat parallel to the sea coastline from north to south.  The Poblacion which is about the center of the whole municipality by these directions is 15 kilometers north of San Jose de Buenavista, the capital town of the Province of Antique. It has Type 1 climate with 2 seasons – the dry and the wet or rainy seasons and an average of 20 rainy days. The average annual rainfall is 95.38 inches or 2,422.6 millimetres with the greatest precipitation occurring from June to September. Average temperature ranges from 26.6 to 27.4oC, but the coldest months of the year are December and January and the warmest are March and April. Native of Belison is called Belisongnon.