The Philippines is frequently affected by natural disasters and Belison is not an exemption. In the past fifteen (15) years, Belison was devastated by super typhoons like Typhoon Frank, Typhoon Yolanda and Typhoon Ondoy among others. Typhoon Frank in 2008 brought fear and left deep scar in the heart and mind of every Belisongnon.

               Presently, one of the priority programs/projects of Mayor Piccio is to enhance the emergency response and recovery efforts of the Barangay and the LGU to help the affected Belisongnons in times of natural disasters.

               By constructing Disaster-Resilient Evacuation Centers in all barangays of Belison, vulnerable barangays will be equipped with safe and disaster-resilient evacuation space.

               Moreover, all barangays in Belison have already their own Multi-purpose Building which serves as the Evacuation Center in times of disaster.

               The newly constructed Multi-Purpose Building (Evacuation Center) in Barangay Maradiona completes the picture of a confident community ready to cope with natural disasters. This project will not be realized if not for the efforts of the Municipal Mayor, Christopher Piccio and the able Punong Barangay of Maradiona, Hon. Elmer J. Elio.

               Therefore, the Local Government Unit of Belison is enjoining all Belisongnons and the concerned government offices/department to cooperate and work hand in hand with each other in making policies and decisions that will ensure a safer and more resilient community for everyone.