Celebrating Christmas is all about love, light, and togetherness with the family.

In December 15, 2021, the Municipality of Belison successfully hosted the opening of lights which attended by the overwhelming crowd. The faces of the crowd were overloaded with delight and astonishment while looking at the stars hanging so brightly in the Acacia trees. The Frozen themed Christmas tree stands tall while surrounded by lighted stars. There were 3D paintings of Santa Claus, snowmen and colorful gifts on each sides. At the back, the three-storey municipal building was decorated with Christmas lights and lighted stars making the whole municipal ground more festive.

Opening of lights

On the same night is the coronation of Lin-ay kang Antique 2021 wherein Lin-ay kang Belison, Miss Novie Faith Lindsey Serato confidently obtained the 1st runner up which made all Belisongnons screamed for joy and pride.

Miss Novie Faith Lindsey Serato

On December 20, 2021, in behalf of the Mayor Christopher H. Piccio, SB Member Alma Mae T. Abao alongside Mr. Aron G. Basañes, Negosyo Center-Business Councilor and Mr. Noli E. Pagunsan, Tourism Officer attended the DTI 5th Regional Recognation Ceremony in Iloilo City where in the Municipality of Belison was awarded as 3rd placer for Economic Dynasty category.

DTI 5th Regional Recognation Ceremony in Iloilo City
Belison was awarded as 3rd placer

On the same day, the Tribu Ugwad Beli kag Ison of the Municipality of Belison competed in the Malay-Ati Virtual Competition 2021 with other 10 tribes in the Province of Antique and ended the battle as 2nd runner-up. Tribu Ugwad Beli kag Ison also got the Best in Music Special Award.

2nd runner-up & Best in Music Special Award

December 2021 is indeed a remarkable month of the year for the Municipality of Belison and its people. Congratulations, Municipality of Belison! Kruhayyy!

#Ugwad ta Belison!