As the population of the town increases the challenges for public order and safety become more complex and harder to manage. As the vision of the town’s implies public safety and well-balanced environment, thereby in order to address it, effective strategies that would ensure the attainment of peace, public order and safety through the cessation of armed conflict and prevention of crimes shall be continuously identified and pursued while communities are empowered and transformed into areas of growth and productivity.

  • Total number of police personnel

At present, there are twenty two (22) personnel in the PNP force of the municipality. The number of policemen assigned in the municipality is not steady due to reassignment. These policemen are poorly armed with superseded firearms. The service vehicle they used in patrolling and responding to their call of duty are the patrol cars and motorcycles.

  • Police-population ratio

Police outpost had been established in all barangays with one police officer assigned in each. The present police force has a ratio of 1:615 or one policeman per 615 population.  On the basis of the ideal Police-to-population ratio of one policeman per 1,000 population, the Belison PNP had fully met the ideal police-to-population ratio.

  • Types and volume of crime in the LGU

Based on the records of Belison MPS from January to December 2017, the total crime volume (TCV) recorded a 222 number of crime incidents.  The TCV includes of 89 PNP Blotter and 133 Barangay Blotter.  The record registered a 57 index crimes and 165 non-index crimes. The Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) is 92% while the Crime Clearance Efficiency is 89%. As reflected in Table 3.11.7c the total case of index crimes that takes place in the municipality for CY 2017-2018 is twelve (12). Out of this number, ten (10) are crimes against person and the other two (2) are crimes against property specifically theft cases.

  • Fire-fighting personnel and facilities

The sub-station of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in the municipality had seven (7) personnel assigned to manage and respond during fire incidence and rescue activities. The sub-station is the lead agency for the Emergency Telecommunications cluster of the Incident Command System of the municipality in terms of hazards. The sub-station has a firetruck complimented with fire pump and other fire control equipment.

  • Occurrence of fire and response time

As per record from the Bureau of Fire Protection Sub-Station, fire incidence in Belison is increasing from the past five years. As reflected in Table 3.11.7e, the highest number of fire incidence takes place in 2015 with thirteen (13) cases. All of the origin of the fire is accidental.