The Belison Public Market was built in 1980’s. Presently, it is already an old concept and needs to make way to modern development. Likewise, the old public market has very limited stalls which cannot accommodate the growing number of stall applicants.

The Land Bank of the Philippines offers the LGU Belison to finance the development of the public market.

Last January 27, 2021, Mayor Piccio and the Land Bank authorized representatives conducted a public consultation with the vendors and stall owners of Belison Public Market. Presented during the consultation meeting was the proposal to obtain a loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines to build the first ever modern and greener double-storey public market in the Province of Antique with a hundred stalls which will accommodate atleast the first 100 applicants awaiting for available stall to lease.

Fortunately, 100% of the vendors and stall owners who attended the consultation meeting agreed to the proposal. Besides, if the 100 stalls of the new public market will be occupied the income generated from it can help finance the loan amortization.

Belison is now unstoppable when it comes to progress. With the determination of Mayor Piccio to innovate and initiate change to improve the lives of every Belisongnon, his dream of having a clean and eco-friendly public market will soon be realized.