Through the Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP) of the Department of Health, six barangays of the Municipality of Belison will have newly constructed Barangay Health Station. The said barangays are Buenavista, Maradiona, Concepcion, Mojon, Sinaja and Rombang. We all know that, one of the major challenges in the Philippine health sector is providing access to appropriate health facilities for the poor and the marginalized sector of the society. The HFEP aims to upgrade priority BHSs and RHUs to provide BEmONC services for the reduction of maternal mortality; to upgrade government hospitals and health facilities in provinces to make them more responsive to the health needs of the catchment population; to upgrade lower level facilities to be able to accommodate nursing students and to establish gate-keeping functions to avoid congestion in higher level hospitals, and; to expand the services of existing tertiary hospitals to provide higher tertiary care and as teaching, training hospitals.