As stated in Section17(vi) of the Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160), the LGU’s are mandated to provide infrastructure facilities such as multi-purpose hall, multi-purpose pavement, plaza, sports center, and other similar facilities as part of its functions of efficient and effective provision of the basic services and facilities to its constituents. The promotion of sports and recreation is also the primary concern of the Local Government of Belison. It is thru this sector that the citizenry particularly the youth can spend their leisure hours in a wholesome and healthful activity in the community.

Type, number and location of sports and recreational facilities

Belison although small, yet various infrastructure projects related to sports and recreation both in the Barangay and municipal level were being put up in order to promote a healthful activities to the young and old constituents of the municipality. The local government believes that sport and recreation activities help develop life skills, abilities, talents and improve the general health of the body and such activities may be used as sources of income, to have fun and to stay physically fit. This belief is manifested in the presence of sports facilities in almost all barangays of the municipality. The youth are found to be the group mostly engaged in sports and recreational activities. And majority of them preferred the basketball game. There are fifteen (15) existing basketball courts in the municipality, both in the barangays and inside the schools premises (Please refer to Table SO-38). These facilities were constructed to provide the young and old generation a venue for sports activities and to some extent cultural and even income-generating activities. Other facilities serving as sports and recreational activities are the gymnasiums located in barangay Poblacion and in the school premises of Belison National and Central Schools. Playgrounds in the elementary schools are present which also serve as soccer field and driving field and for other sports and recreational activities. The                    barangay plaza located in every barangays serves as venue for sports and cultural activities. Basketball, soccer, wrestling, sepak-takraw, volleyball, badminton are considered as one of the many sports to which Belisongnon athletes excel. However, basketball is the most favorite pastime and hobby of men of all age groups in the whole municipality. Mostly of the barangays held a yearly “Liga sa Barangay” activity facilitated by the Sangguniang Kabataan which competes basketball teams within the barangay and an inter-barangay competition was held in the municipal level during Foundation Anniversary of the town held on March of every year.

            Every year, Intramurals (Sports Fest) was held in every school. This is an inter-school competition of sports activities to hone, empower and promote higher self-esteem in youth. This school activity also motivates students, enables them to earn better grades. Numerous physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduating.

There are also a number of beach resorts present in the municipality which are privately owned. This beach resorts caters the need of those who wanted a good place for outing and swimming along fine sand beaches. If you feel delighted to walk among beautiful, fresh and exotic flowers, in Barangay Maradiona, you can do just this in “The Promise Flower Garden”. View the beautiful blooms of orchids, anthuriums, roses and a lot more. The Guinobatan cave is also one of the potential recreation areas of the municipality. If it is developed, it can be a good place for adventurous caving, mountain climbing and hiking.