These characteristics not only helped Belison endure the atrocities of war, but also see it through political, social, and economic ups and downs today. Its Municipal Seal commemorate its strong agricultural heritage, in order to preserve the legacy of the original settlers in the region. It depicts three mainstay agricultural activities in which local families for generations have invested their hearts and souls. The top image represents fishing and the bounties of the neighboring seas. The lower left portion is the harvesting of sugar cane, its processing muscovado sugar. The lower right depicts tilling of lowlands for the planting of rice and other grains and vegetables. All three of these backbone occupations remain important to the town’s livelihood and rural identity. Surrounding the great triangle are eleven stars – one representing each barangay in the town. The largest star at the bottom is for the Poblacion. Their strength lies in their connectivity to one another, and in their closeness to the traditions of the past.